Board of Directors Tech-Coaching

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C-Suite executives and board members many of whom have attended the same business school. Others come from an older generation and don't understand new technologies, including, sometimes, e-mail.

These leaders may not always have the necessary skills or knowledge needed for their roles in the new era. They may need to be supported to fill in the information, competencies and experience gap which is lacking in a much faster way.

Educate the board of members, so that is equipped to buy into the CEO's plan for radical change. 

Leadership Coaching

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This programme offers a confidential partnership — one in which both sides work to reach an agreed-upon destination. The aim of the partnership is to bring about sustained behavioral change and transform the quality of the leader’s working and personal life.

''We could all use a little coaching. When you're playing the game, it is hard to think of everything.''  Jim Rohn

Women Entreprenur Mentoring

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After working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs, we're here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard. We started to see a pattern and want to share it all with you.

''A smart woman like you should not have to struggle  so hard to build a thriving, profitable business.''

Here’s the real secret - sometimes you have to go backward to go forward. You have to land your airplane for maintenance so that you can go to a higher altitude later. 

Team Coaching

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Success Programme Team Coaching process creates self-awareness and provides a safe yet challenging environment for team members to test new ideas and diffuse misconceptions.

They begin to understand what it means to truly function as a team and become motivated by the new-found freedom and challenges it provides. We use a variety of assessments, individual coaching, and team workshops to transform the dynamics of the team, create a healthy and safe environment, and develop real accountability with one another.

Engaged Leader Coaching


Employee engagement is more than a feeling. It’s an action, and it’s something that can be taught and learned. With Success Programme as your partner, you will be given the tools and resources you need to empower managers and leaders with the skills needed to drive employee engagement at the team and individual levels.

Solopreneur Mentoring

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The solopreneur’s work life can easily become isolated. That’s why it’s important to reach out to others and find a mentor!

Someone who can help you solve problems, make decisions, and refine your ideas can be immensely helpful to your business, especially if that person is experienced and knowledgeable.

We have discovered the secrets of how to easily brand, market and sell your one-of-a-kind business products and services.

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