Experience a fun, engaging, and effective learning experience that provides practical tools for both employees and managers to boost their own engagement and create an engaged culture.

MAGIC -  Half Day Workshop For Everyone


Understand the characteristics  of engagement and satisfaction

  • Everyone
  • Awareness about satisfaction
  • Awareness about engagement
  • Focusing on what is really important
  • Effort to increase engagement
  • A new mindset about engagement
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MAGIC - one day training for employees


Increase engagement by helping employees to understand where they find their passion

  • Employees
  • Learn current level of your engagement in your job
  • Learn the five MAGIC elements of engagement 
  • Discover your passion in your job
  • Create a personal engagement action plan
  • Reduce Safety Risks
  • Lower stress and higher interest level
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Raise morale and productivity
  • Happiness Increase
  • Be energized and committed at work
  • Better Home Life
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MAGIC - Two day training for leaders


The manager version helps leaders become more engaged, and trains them on how to engage others.

  • Leaders at all levels
  • Learn current level of your engagement in your job
  • Understand how your own levels of engagement impact the success of their teams 
  • Leverage the five MAGIC keys to boost their teams own engagement
  • Learn how to create engaged teams

  • Be able to conduct engagement interviews with employees
  • Understand what enables and hinders engagement
  • Know what motivates employees to perform at their best
  • Help Employees to take responsibility for their engagement
  • Increase bottom line performance
  • Have a committed team
  • Increase customer delight
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MAGIC - Three day training for masters


Unlock the power of engagement for your entire organization by certifying as an MAGIC® trainer

  • HR Leaders
  • Business Leaders
  • Learn the five MAGIC elements of engagement 
  • Have a deeper understanding of engagement and human motivation
  • Learn how to debrief MAGIC self-engagement results
  • Learn how to deliver MAGIC training in the organisations
  • Learn how to coach business leaders in the organisation to increase engagement 
  • Have engagement experts within the organisation
  • Ensure High Performance Organisation
  • Increase of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Achieving business targets
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Engagement levels of managers have a direct correlation to the levels of their direct reports. However, it's not just the fact that a manager is engaged him/herself that causes other to be engaged in their work. Those managers who are fully engaged also know how to create engaged teams. Yet our research shows that only 65 percent of managers say they even understand the concept of employee engagement. Even fewer managers know how to become more engaged in their work.

Quality improvements 40
Grievance reductions 90
Turnover reductions 50
Employee satisfaction improvements 80
Safety/compliance improvements 60


By gathering and analyzing over two decades of employee engagement survey responses and numerous psychological studies, we distilled the five basic keys of employee engagement into meaning, autonomy, growth, impact, and connection, (i.e., M-A-G-I-C).

Since we are all different, each of these keys plays a unique role in how engaged we are in our work (and life).

The Employee ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training will train managers to leverage the five MAGIC keys to boost their own engagement and engage their teams to achieve greater results

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Our 20 years worldwide research is reflected in the training  to help organisations and leaders at all levels turn feedback into results.

Interactive workshop

Interactive workshop designed to increase engagement by helping participants understand where they find passion, meaning, and drive and apply it to their jobs

Best Seller Book

Training is based on ENGAGEMENT MAGIC book: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement is an international best-seller on ''Employee Engagement Area.

Practical Learning

Simple visualizations, modern training activities to understand how to pinpoint areas of success and opportunity.

Structured, Real-Life Skills Rehearsals

Real life examples, case studies are used during the training to ensure absorption of all learnings

Modern Training Tools

Training activities that consists of exercises, role plays, cases, games, movies and technology.

Additional Coaching

It is possible to tie coaching of the individual participant into the process

Thought Leadership

We provide industry-leading expertise in employee engagement through leadership training, surveys, and action planning.


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