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Could Executive Teams Function Better?

Executive teams can start improving their performance and lead the organization to greater success by first rethinking the role of the CEO as a chief development officer for his or her executive team.

The Lead to Inspire Training is an inspirational as its name. Since human motivation drives every aspect of society the brilliance of this course is that it begins with self-awareness as a key to understanding leadership. 

Ayla Kurtuluş

GM, Amgen Tech. Operations

Why must CFOs Become Better At Leading People?

The role of the CFO is rapidly changing. A chief financial officer can no longer simply rely on crunching numbers while focusing solely on a company's balance sheet. Leadership, people, and business skills are absolutely crucial to the future of the CFO function.

The Success Programme, without exerting pressure on the executives, transfers the competencies that we need in the new world with a program that raises awareness.

Levent Atseli

CFO-Agrana Fruits

What skills do operations manager need?

Operations managers are required to have a large set of skills in order to be effective in the multitude of situations they might find themselves in. To be as effective as possible, operations managers will need to have a combination of leadership skills and technical skills. 

Whatever your position or vertical is, this program offers the general support every leader needs for personal and professional growth. 

Fuat Hamoglu

Head of Service, Vaillant

How can quality leaders get the ball rolling? 

Everything starts with a strong quality team. To be successful in an industry where technology and practices are constantly evolving, you need to focus your efforts on developing and deploying the correct set of skills for your team. Most important, it is critical to have a great leader that can keep people motivated and continuously coach employees to meet the highest quality standards

Crucial Conversations training was dynamic and fun. Examples and activities given were carefully tuned to make understanding and remembering easier. I recommend Success Programme to everyone.

Yasemin Nisli

Quality Assurance-JTI Turkey

What are the unique rules to manage tech teams successfully?

As an IT manager, it’s your ability to communicate, work with others, solve conflicts, negotiate on behalf of yourself, your team and your company, and other soft skills based abilities that will ultimately drive your success or failure in the IT management ranks. In fact, the higher your organizational level, the less important your technical skills become.

Why manufacturing leaders need new skills?

In recent years there has been a transition from the assembly-line style of manufacturing of the past to the technology-driven manufacturing of today—changing the requirements of skills needed for manufacturing.

Today’s manufacturing leaders need to have a wider scope of skills to be successful—something we know first-hand after placing talented workers in manufacturing jobs for 50 years.

Why HR have to embrace the Big Shift?

The role of HR needs to be in line with the needs of the ever-changing economic landscape. HR is now seen as a strategic advisor, often sharing a seat at the management table. There is a need for HR to become more adaptable, resilient and talent-oriented. Change is inevitable and HR Leaders who embrace this shift will have infinite opportunities while those who do not will soon be left behind.
Success Programme carried out a fabulous training to our HR team on how to identify human motivation and use this valuable data for recruitment, coaching and employee engagement purposes. We have used the "Who Am I" training as a great support to manage our HR functions.

Bilgen Cagli

Vice General Manager-HR, Çimsa
Group of business people gathered around for a project about what creates the mindset

Equipping Leaders

Leaders are not defined by title or position, rather by their ability to influence others. Our leadership training programmes teach leaders to motivate others, improve performance, and transform corporate culture.

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What Social Scientists Says

Designer of Our Leadership Tools and Programs

You can argue as strongly as you want for your opinion, as long as you are equally vigorous in encouraging others to disagree.

Ron McMillan
Co-author of Crucial Conversations

We go silent because we dread crucial conversations. We go to violence because we're unskilled at holding crucial conversations.

Al Switzler
Author of Crucial Accountability

The only way to help a resistant person find motivation to change is to help him or her discover his or her own reasons.

Joseph Grenny
Author of Crucial Conversations

The wise man (and women) is the first to recognize what they don't know and enthusiastically seek advice from people who know what they are talking about.

Tracy Maylett
CEO-Decision Wise

Human beings are motivated by purposes and values. The best way to understand people is in terms of their life purposes, goals, and values. 

Steven Reiss
Professor Steven Reiss, PhD

When people get defensive they're not getting defensive about the content of what you are saying. They get defensive because of what they think your intent is.

David Maxfield
Co-author Influencer

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