This survey has been designed to help you increase your ability to influence others’ behavior. The questions below examine influence methods you use to help others change. Your survey results will be more useful if you think about how you typically approached influence challenges.

Areas you may consider include:

  • An individual who is resistant to your ideas. (My son is living in my basement and lacks ambition to do something with his life.)
  • A group whose behavior is tough to change. (My teammates fail to capture and document customer leads when we go to trade shows.)
  • An organization that could be much more effective if its people changed their behavior. (Our company does not share information and resources across teams. We act as though we are in silos.)

Your Influencer Assessment Results

Your results are broken into eight sections. For each section your score determines your level of influence in that area. The Influencer levels are:

  • 1. Master Influencer: Scores between 19-20.
  • 2. Effective Influencer: Scores between 17-18.
  • 3. Apprentice Influencer: Scores between 15-16.
  • 4. Novice Influencer: Scores below 15.

If you scored less than 15 in any section of the assessment, please read the pages in Influencer which correspond to that section.

Section Score Influencer Level Pages
Leadership Is Influence/The Three Keys to Influence 10 Novice Influencer 1-34
Find Vital Behaviors 10 Novice Influencer 35-64
Help Them Love What They Hate 8 Novice Influencer 77-112
Help Them Do What They Can’t 8 Novice Influencer 113-144
Provide Encouragement 8 Novice Influencer 145-184
Provide Assistance 10 Novice Influencer 185-216
Change Their Economy 10 Novice Influencer 217-246
Change Their Space 11 Novice Influencer 247-286

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