Engaging Leader Report

Your Engaging Leader Report collects feedback about your perceived abilities from the major stakeholders of your leadership competencies—your direct manager and your direct reports.

This feedback is a starting point for action planning and is especially useful for development, evaluating performance, and setting goals related to creating an engaging environment for your team.



Meaning - Reiss Motivation Profile

MEANING: Work has purpose beyond the job or task itself. Leaders help create meaning by sharing a strategic perspective with direct reports, helping individuals align what is important to them personally to the work they do.

AUtonomy - Reiss Motivation Profile
AUTONOMY: The power to shape your environment in ways that allow you to perform at your best. Managers directly impact the level of autonomy on their teams through delegation and empowerment. 
Growth - Reiss Motivation Profile
GROWTH: Being stretched and challenged in ways that result in personal and professional progress. Managers can help employees grow by balancing their desires to gain experience for the future with the business need for them to perform well at their current jobs.
Impact - Reiss Motivation Profile

IMPACT Seeing positive, effective, and worthwhile outcomes and results from work. Leaders help employees see the impact of their work by establishing clear direction, recognizing and rewarding strong contributions, and providing feedback as to progress.

Connection - Reiss Motivation Profile

CONNECTION The sense of belonging to something beyond yourself. Leaders influence connection through personal relationships, encouraging teamwork and collaboration, and helping to cultivate the organization’s culture on their teams.

Fiyat İste
Fiyat İste
the behaviors measured must be observable and learnable.

Engaging Leader Assessment Measures the following:

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1. Value Alignment
2. Inspiring Others
3. Strategic Perspective
4. Creating Vision*
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1. Delegation
2. Accountability
3. Empowerment
4. Create Structural Autonomy*
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1. Strengthening Performance
2. Investing in Growth
3. Managing Ambition
4. Talent Management*
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1. Valuing Contributions
2. Customer Focused
3. Personalizing Impact
4. Cascading Goals*
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1. Cultivating Culture
2. Building Relationships
3. Teamwork & Collaboration
4. Caring*
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1. Communication
2. Trust
3. Managing Stress
4. Personal Engagement
Engaging Leader Multi-Rater® ASSESSmeNT

Interpreting your Report


Demographic Summary

The Demographic Summary section of the Engaging Leader Multi-Rater® Report provides a summary of who was invited to rate the participant, and how many people participated from each rater group.


Competency Summary

The Competency Summary section provides an overview of each MAGIC key. This summary provides a high-level view of a manager’s ability to influence factors that lead to engagement. This can be used to understand overall areas of strength and potential areas for development

Focus Area

The Focus Area section of the report provides an immediate look at areas of strength and areas of development at a competency level. This section ranks the five highest-scoring and the five lowest-scoring competencies on the assessment.


Body Area

The body of the report contains a breakdown of each MAGIC key and the competencies related to it. The competencies are broken down to scores at the individual-rater-group level


The Appendix provides detailed information on each survey item. The survey items are listed in the order they appeared in your assessment. It may be useful to examine individual survey items as components of the larger competencies to understand specific strengths and weaknesses within those competencies.


Written Comments

The Written Comments provide qualitative feedback that may help clarify and support areas of focus identified by the quantitative portion of the report.


Initial Debrief of Results

When debriefing the multi-rater results one-on-one, the participant meets with a senior Success Programme coach or internal facilitator to receive personal coaching on his or her feedback and development plans. This session helps the participant process the feedback and begin the development process. The meeting generally lasts 1.5 hours and can be conducted onsite or over the telephone. During these sessions participants will:

  • Understand their feedback and possible interpretations
  • Gain deeper personal awareness and perspective on personal impact
  • Surface “undiscussable” issues and concerns, and begin a dialogue about them
  • Focus on natural strengths, talents, and skills, as well as potential derailers
  • Create a preliminary development plan
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Two businesspeople having a meeting about the reports in front of them

Competency Development

The Success Programme employee engagement coach will follow-up with the manager 2 additional times. These 30-minute meetings will be 30 and 90 days following the initial debrief of results.

  • Follow-up on the development plan
  • Discuss issues and concerns relating to engagement competency development
  • Track progress and adjust the development plan
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